Back Pack Made From Exploded Airbags


This is the Mariclaro Airbag Back Pack; it has the appearance of a normal back pack, but is 99% recycled! Mariclaro are keen to point out that the one per cent is merely the cotton embroidered logo on the front of the back pack. However, what makes this back different and why it has such an appeal is that the main material used for this bag are old exploded air bags. These have been combined with used seat belts and truck tarps; it is all good you know!

These are the details for the Mariclaro Airbag Back Pack;

Waterproof and sleek, just like a motorcycle. It has compression straps to enlarge or shrink compartments. The buckle on the front prevents the wind from opening the bag while riding.  This backpack can be worn anywhere from skate park, to ski hill, to on the back of a matching BMW motorcycle. This back pack is hand cut and a one of a kind piece MADE IN CANADA. All Mariclaro bags are 99% recycled, the 1% is made up of thread and our logo.

Priced at $300 in the US and £189 in the UK

Source [Technabob]