Starbucks Updates Magic Cup App For Valentine’s Day


Once again, the coffee store giant Starbucks, is getting all loved up for Valentine’s Day, by adding special features to its Magic Cup app. This brings the cool augmented reality feature found in the Heart decal on special cups to life. The app not only displays flowers, but also allows the user to send the video to a loved one via email or post it to Facebook!

These are the details on the Starbucks Cup Magic App with Valentines Days features;

Bring the spirit of every love to your phone this Valentine’s Day with the Starbucks Cup Magic app! Scan Starbucks Valentine targets – on limited edition hot cups and watch as your Valentines magically come to life through augmented reality on your mobile device. Then use the app to send your friends and family Virtual Valentines and Starbucks Card eGifts.,

Experience: oFind Starbucks Valentine targets, scan them using the Starbucks Cup Magic app and watch your Valentines come life. Then share some love with family and friends by sending your own Virtual Valentines

eGift: oSend an instant Starbucks Card eGift using the Starbucks Cup Magic app. Because nothing says “love” like a delicious treat from Starbucks.

This is a free app downloadable from the Android Market or the iTunes Store

Source [Mashable]