The Rack Launches The Recoil Winder System


No more unsightly wires or cables will be found with the Recoil Winder System, this simple device keeps all of your cables tidy and in one place allowing making your workspace easy to tidy and keep clean. These little Recoil Winders are handy, but unfortunately are not currently for sale; instead, you can back the project through Kickstarter, where for just $8 (£5) a small Recoil Winder could be yours!

These are the details on the Recoil Winder System;

No more tangled phone chargers, USB cords, camera chargers or headphones.  No more searching for the right charging cord or forgetting which cord belongs to which device. And no more tangled messes.

Our personal electronics are supposed to make our life easier, but the cords that go along with those electronics have been tangling our lives long enough.

Tangled cords are the Problem. The Recoil Winder is the Solution.

This project is currently with Kickstarter where interested people are able to back it.

Source [Oh Gizmo]