Use An iPad As A Second Display With Hover Bar


Here is the Hover Bar; it connects your iPad to your Mac creating a desktop with cool touch screen features. It allows the Mac user to operate in a completely different way that before, because you now have FaceTime, Apps and everything else that the iPad has to offer, but with the convenience of having your Mac there too for work and other matters.

These are the features and specs for the Hover Bar for iPads;

Key facts: Use iPad 2 clipped into HoverBar as a secondary, touchscreen computer with Mac. Sturdy, padded clamp attached to most iMac and Apple displays. Mount separately on any surface as a stand alone iPad stand

Compatibility: Fits all iPad 2 models. Attaches to all iMacs and Apple Displays with an L-shaped desk stand. Two-way clamp attached to surface or edge up to one-inch thick

Priced at $80 in the US and £50 in the UK

Source [Gizmodo]