Google Shuts UK Mortgage Comparison Site


Last year search giant Google opened a test site that allowed consumers in the UK to compare the various mortgages on offer from UK based lenders. Back in March 2011, Google bought the site for around £38 million; the site included a ready made mortgage quote feature. But last year in September Google took UK Compare Mortgages test site down and now it has been removed totally from the Google Advisor site.

According to a spokesperson for Google, they said that;

“We’ve been prioritising our product efforts across Google, which means taking a hard look at products that haven’t been as successful as we would have hoped. We’ve closed down the mortgage search feature of Google Advisor in the US and are focused on building continued improvements into the rest of the product.

“We tested a mortgage comparison product in the UK for a short time during the summer of 2011. That test is no longer running and we have not made a decision on our next mortgage comparison step in the UK.”

Source [Telegraph]


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