Anonymous Cracks Syrian Presidents Office Email


Normally you would have thought that a government office, especially the office of the President would have upped its security, especially when it is the office of the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

However, apparently not, as the hacker group Anonymous found, they had been attacking the government websites with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) but decided to change its tactics and went after government email accounts.

To their surprise, many of these users were using the password “12345” clearly, they did not read out piece of the worst passwords to use!

According to the @YourAnonNews Twitter feed they said;

“Asking all #Anonymous to refrain from DDoSing Syrian IP’s as they have minimal bandwidth thus preventing them from reporting out to us #KTHX,”

“We NEED direct action. Call ambassadors and consuls. Protest outside embassies. Make Syria an issue that politicians MUST confront. BE HEARD.”

Source [PC Mag]