Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders With iPhone RC


This is something that will take some people back, its Hot Wheels! However, this time they come with a touch of modern technology, they can be controlled remotely by an iPhone thanks to a free app on iTunes.

However, you still have to pay out around $40 or £26 for the kit, there are about eight models to choose from and although these are clearly aimed at the kids market, there is plenty of fun to be had, no matter what age you are.

These are the details for the free Hot Wheels RC app for the iPhone;

While this app is absolutely free and fun on its own, its real power comes with the purchase of an iNITRO SPEEDERS™ RC vehicle. Because your Apple device is now the most amazing RC controller ever! There are all kinds of high-tech digital interfaces you can choose from, including 3 wild-looking digital dual-stick control skins. The Motion Controller lets you tilt and turn your Apple device to make your RC vehicle drive forward or reverse, left or right! The Slide Controller gives you the power to drive your vehicle by dragging your finger on top of the screen. With Draw & Drive, you can draw a route and your RC vehicle will perform it immediately—or you can have the vehicle drive it later.

This is a free app downloadable from the iTunes Store

Source [Oh Gizmo]