Looking For Discreet Surveillance Try Swann’s PenCam


Just the mention of discreet surveillance conjures up a vision all sorts of menacing government officials, but in reality we all currently carry around equipment that is capable of recording sound, taking images and video, so maybe it is not a frightening or secretive after all.

For those who feel that a bit of discreet surveillance is in order, then these devices from Swann might be of interest, it’s called the PenCam and comes in HD or 4GB versions, its discreet because it looks like a normal fountain pen, in fact it actually works as pen, which is handy if somebody gets a little bit suspicious of your actions.

According to the Swann press release for the HD Pen Cam;

Today, Swann proudly introduces its latest video surveillance gadget – HD PenCam and PenCam 4GB. Both devices conceal a miniature video camera and DVR inside a real working pen, while HD PenCam is capable of capturing high definition AVI videos (1280 x 720) and high resolution JPEG images and PenCam 4GB captures both high resolution videos and images, but features the largest internal memory of any PenCam to date. With the new HDPenCam and PenCam 4GB, Swann allows anyone to make their own hidden videos that are easy to share on Facebook, YouTube and more.

Prices of the HD PenCam and PenCam 4GB will be around $99.99 (£63) and $69.99 (£44) respectively.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]