10th February 2012

Tesco Tries Out New Style Packaging


Out of all the fresh produce that supermarkets sell, it is tomatoes and avocados that are wasted the most, but not for much longer if Tesco have anything to do with it as the supermarket chain are working on new packaging that could prevent this waste in the future.

If this works out, Tesco estimate that they could save around 1.6 million packs of tomatoes and 350,000 packs of avocados every year. This new packaging works by installing a strip that prevents ethylene from encouraging the food to ripen and eventually going mouldy.

According to Tesco’s ambient salad and avocado technologist, Steve Deeble he said;

“The packaging is a major breakthrough in the fight to combat food waste and could save the fresh produce industry tens of millions of pounds each year. But it would also mean that shoppers will be able to keep fruit and vegetables for longer without feeling pressured to eat them within days of buying them.”

Source [PSFK]


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