And You Thought That Google Circles Were New


We are used to seeing and hearing “Add To Circles!” it has become a way for those who are using Google+ these days, but it seems adding someone to your circle is nothing new, in fact these images prove that it dates back to at least 1892, which sort of pre-dates Google and the internet! It also shows that even back then people were bothered about how many friends they could put to their names at any one time.

These are the details for this cool looking 19th Century French vase;

This Limoges vase has an image of the owner in the center with the words “My Friends, 1892″.   Surrounding the image are 50 autographs, both male and female. The autographs appear to be different, therefore not added by the artist. I am presuming this is a graduation present for the young lady in the centre. The vase measures 8 1/2″ tall with the widest part being 7”. The vase is a creamy color wth the flowers being done in blues with green leafs Gold gilt has been generously used as an accent. The mark indicates Martial Redon, French Limoges

Sold for £41 ($65) through a recent auction on eBay!

Source [Anonymous Works]