Carry Your iPad With Pride

Wearing your iPad or any other tablet device, come to think about it around your neck sounds like a crazy idea, until you see the GoPad device and then suddenly it seems so right, or does it? It seems to be good if you use one of these devices for work and require both hands to carry out the work while referring to the tablet, but other than that, it is not going to look cool is it!


According to the GoPad website;

GoPad’s first production run is currently underway for delivery by mid-March 2012. Quantities are limited! A deposit will reserve yours now (first come, first served). We’ll notify you by email when your GoPad/GoBag/GoStrap are ready to ship so that you can pay the balance owing.
Priced at £57 in the UK and $89 in the US, a deposit of £9.50 or $15 secures a pre-order.

Source [Technabob]