Free Cloud Storage From BeeCloud


There are plenty of cloud storage facilities around, some being free, while there others that charge, the key factor here is the amount of storage available to the user, while many only offer limited free space, BeeCloud are offering a massive 512 GB of storage and you don’t even have to register a credit or debit card with them either.

Check out these features available with BeeCloud Backup;

Backup all your data to our online server. Automatically !!

No space limit. Store as much as you want. (512 GB with free account)

Just indicate the folders that you want to backup and the system will take care of the rest.

All changes to your files are automatically backup up. Up to 30 revisions are kept automatically.

Easy restore. Use the web client to find back you files, or use our special windows client.

Access your data from anywhere: the web, iPhone, iPad, smart phone

Source [Mega Leecher]