Sneak A Peak At New Angry Birds On Facebook


Tomorrow is something called Valentines Days, whatever that is and I will have to ask my wife that, it makes no difference because Valentine’s Day 2012 means only one thing and that is when the new Angry Birds on Facebook came out! Now that has got to be better than a bunch of roses, box of chocolates and card, hasn’t it?

Look out for these following features;

Sling Scope – Looking for the perfect shot? Use Sling Scope laser targeting for pinpoint precision!

King Sling – Fling your birds with style AND speed. Upgrade to the almighty King Sling for maximum power and velocity!

Super Seeds – Supersize your bird! Super Seeds turn any bird into a pig-popping giant.

Birdquake – Rattle the battle! Use the Birdquake to bring pigs’ defenses crashing to the ground!

According to the information on Angry Birds on Facebook from the Rovio site;

Angry Birds launches on Facebook on February 14th, so we’re excited to reveal more details about what’s coming up! The new game will feature the Angry Birds game play that fans already know and love, but with added social components, brand new power-ups, and Facebook-exclusive levels.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]