Whitney Fans Say iTunes Raised Price Of Album


Apple are in the firing line of many Whitney Houston fans who upon hearing the news of the stars death tried to buy the 2007 Ultimate Collection album, only to find that the price had changed from £4.99 to £7.99. However, to make it even worse for both Apple and the fans, it seems that while the price changes were taking effect nobody could buy album at all.

According to one customer and Whitney fan, they said;

‘To say I am angry is an understatement and I feel it is just a case of iTunes cashing in on the singer’s death, which in my opinion is totally parasitic.’

‘The album itself is great so please don’t be put off purchasing it, just [know] that you will merely be lining some fatcat’s pocket before Whitney’s lifeless body is cold.’

Naturally there has not been any word from Apple on this yet, so, were they wrong to this or is it just business?

Source [Daily Mail]