Send Encrypted Text Messages With Black SMS



While most of us are getting more social every day, there are occasions when a little privacy is in order and this can be a worry with digital messages etc. The only real way to ensure that your messages are only read by the person that you intended them for is to encrypt them, but isn’t that costly?



Well it may have been, but a cool new app for the iPhone called Black SMS changes the message to a black speech bubble, so anyone going through your device will only get to them if they know the password!



These are the details for the Black SMS app for the iPhone;


Black SMS let’s you send hidden password-protected text messages. The name “BlackSMS” is because the messages appear as black bubbles in iMessages.

You can talk with your friends confident that no one that uses your phone could read them.

The app uses a highly advanced encryption so that messages would be very difficult to decrypt without knowing the password.

You can also use to privately text with multiple people at once.


The Black SMS – Protected Texts app is available from iTunes at $0.99 in the US and £0.69 in the UK


Source [Technabob]