Shoes With Built In LED’s



Sometimes we come across something that just happens to be so outrageous that it simply must be shown to you and these shoes are just one example of that.



Here we have a pair of retro shoes that have been steampunked with LED’s offering sixteen colours and five different styles of effect all controlled from a handy pocket sized remote.



These are the details on these spectacular looking shoes with LED’s built in;


The heels feature white and black Lace throughout the heel and fan style lace off the back of the heel. (Which is removable depending on taste) The Edge of the shoe opening is lined with a lace underlay, black, clear, smoked glass beads and Vintage Charms are placed to enhance the look.

Black glass rhinestones trim the back of the heel and around the front of the platform. The Sides of the heel are trimmed in Silver thread, which also provides the power to the LED lights. The front lace section is trimmed with Silver chain. The toe has a Black jewelled adornment to Define the heel.


Priced at $180 in the US and around £118 in the UK


Source [Geek Alerts]