Tablet Stand That Fits Into A Cup Holder




Like everything else that we are not supposed to be doing while we drive, this clever tablet stand fits into the cup holder of a car for easy access to the device, with one hand you would have to suppose.


While it sounds good, there is a down side to this not that anyone is going to actually use their tablet device while driving, are they? However, it is handy for when you are waiting outside the supermarket for the wife to finish the shopping!



This is what you can expect to get from the Satechi SCH-121 mount and holder for tablets;


Package includes: Cup Holder Mount, Cradle (1), Cradle (2)

Cradle (1): Universal holder design, which is available for 7″-10.1″ tablets like iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.

Cradle (2): All iPhone models with cases and other smart phones like Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.

Heavy duty screw type mount includes square connector for 360 degree adjustment.

Adjustable pivoting action hinges for 180 degree vertical and horizontal adjustment.


Priced at $30 in the US and around £22 in the UK


Source [Oh Gizmo]