Beam These Cushions Up Scotty!





This idea will of course only be of interest to fans of the original series of Star Trek or the recent movie Star Trek by JJ Abrams. As they closely match the uniforms as worn by the crew of the Enterprise and yes they seemed to have forgotten to include the expendable “Red Shirt” of the security officer, unless something happened to him along the way.



These are the details for the cool looking and very desirable Complete Star Trek Pillow Set;


Here’s the whole set of the Original Star Trek pillows. Set includes: 1 gold Command pillow, 1 blue Science pillow and 1 red Engineering pillow


We had a red Security pillow, but it got vaporized in Scene 2. Each pillow approx 14″ x 14″ (35 x 35cm) – Stuffing included and enclosed. Spot cleaning recommended.


Priced at $100 in the US and £66 in the UK


Source [Technabob]