Solar And Wind Powered Indoor Lights





The Swedish design and interior design firm IKEA have come up with a cool and at the same time strange new concept for indoor lighting. It is the Solvinden lamp and it uses either solar or wind power to work, no electricity needed! It may sound slightly strange, but in actually fact the idea seems to be quite sound. Clearly, in its early days, this lamp will need twelve hours of sunlight or twenty four hours of wind power to offer a full twelve hours of light using an LED bulb and a rechargeable battery unit.





According to IKEA, this is how the lights are supposed to be installed and how they work;



Position the product for maximum exposure to sunlight and wind. Recharging time is 9-12 hours in sunlight, but over 12 hours on a cloudy day. Recharging time is approx. 24 hours with the wind speed of 4 m/s. When the battery is fully charged, the product will give full light for approx. 12 hours.



Priced at $30 in the US and £20 in the UK



Source [PSFK]