This Bag Has No Soul It Has Rhythm





The Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System could only come from the House of Marley a business co-founded by the great man’s son Rohan. The Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System has the appearance of a bag, but in reality, it is a real cool audio system with a dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch, but there is an auxiliary port for non-Apple fans too!



These are the features that you will find on the ultra cool Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System;


Fill a room, the back yard or the beach with music. The Bag of Rhythm utilizes twin 1″ (25mm) tweeters, twin 4.5″ (114mm) high-definition woofers in a ported enclosure and a powerful amplifier to deliver amazing output with crisp detail and deep, powerful bass.


Priced at £225 in the UK and $350 in the US


Source [Geek Alerts]