Plastic Casings Could Be Replaced By Paper



There is no doubt that we get through an enormous amount of gadgets most of which have cases made from plastic, which according to the experts is no good for the environment. So in order to meet new law and regulations electronics firms are in need of a replacement material that is greener.


It seems that PEGA Design and Engineering may just have the answer paper! Well in actual fact, it is a Paper PP Alloy, made from recycled paper and polypropylene, which is a plastic that can easily be recycled. The result is a material that meets the needs of the consumer, while meeting the requirements of environmental laws.



According to the designer, PEGA Design and Engineering;


Paper PP Alloy is a new material for consumer electronic manufactures to choose from; this new material is made of the combination of recyclable paper and PP (Polypropylene). After research, development and experiments, PEGA D&E successfully created the paper based material. Because of the paper characteristic of this product, Paper PP Alloy is recyclable and reusable.


Sounds good, but there is mention on how much more expensive this material will be!


Source [Geek]