Steampunk Style iPhone Speaker Dock



When we think of docks and speakers for the iPhone, we naturally assume that they are going to need some sort of power. However, in the case of this great looking Victorian style record player dock, no power is needed.



Simply insert your iPhone or we assume iPod Touch and let the device amplify the sound just like in the early days of audio. It is a real centrepiece too, made from copper with leather lining to prevent the iPhone from being scratched.



These are the main details on this very impressive looking steam punk iPhone Victrola with tone control valve;


The iPhone Victrola is a passive audio amplifier, meaning it is not electrically powered and has no circuitry inside whatever. When an iPhone is placed in the soft leather lined slot, the IPhone speaker lines up with a copper tube that transmits the sound into the trumpet bell. That’s a real trumpet by the way, so horn parts on songs sound particularly realistic. The handle on top opens and closes a gate inside that permits additional sound to exit the body of the device downward, creating a more full sound that balances nicely with the bell. You can open or close the tone valve or find a position in between.


Priced at $500 for US based customers and £330 in the UK


Source [Etsy]



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