You Will Get Up With The Ramos Alarm



This is the Nixie Ramos super alarm clock, nobody is sleeping though this and once you have stopped it, there will be no returning to bed. The clock actually looks like the doomsday clock with classic nixie tubes that display the time. Once set up the only way of switching it off is by entering the right number into the defuse panel, which should be located far enough away so that the user has to get up. Once in production expect to pay around $350 for this cool looking clock, although there is still some way to go before they reach their target funding.



According to the text provided by Paul Sammut on Kickstarter, this is what is behind the Ramos clock;



After consistently failing to wake up when I wanted to I started designing a better alarm clock. After years of hard work I came up with Ramos. Ramos forces you out of bed and to the Defuse Panel, where you’ll have to enter a code. You’ll have to use your brain a bit more, which will help wake you up. Best of all, after you turn off the alarm you’ll find yourself in your bathroom or kitchen, away from the evil alluring bed and ready to start your day.


This is another project on Kickstarter; you can back it from $1 up to $1,500, depending on how generous you are feeling at the time.


Source [Oh Gizmo]