Hide Your Car Away Underground



This is the perfect anti theft system, it is an elevator that takes one car and lowers down into the ground allow the space above to be used for another car. However, do not worry about having to move one car to get to the other as the elevator can lift a Range Rover into the air, which is just as well because you will need a Range Rover type budget to get one of these fitted.



These are details according to the information on the Cardok website.


With one car parked on top of the closed Cardok, the second parking space remains out of sight below ground.


Press the remote control, and the Cardok starts to lift, revealing the additional parking space inside. Within less than thirty seconds, the Cardok is completely open. For safety, the remote control has a simple ‘hold-to-run’ operation, meaning it stops the instant it is released.


The basic cost of the system starts at around £45,500 ($72,000) but could be more!


Source [Geeks Are Sexy]