Stay Dry With Festival Feet



If there is one feature that stands out throughout the festival season it has to be the fact that it nearly always rains, it is almost guaranteed and we are not talking a little bit of drizzle here, either! So the for those festival goers who did not take wellies with them, this is the cooler alternative! Festival Feet, come in red, blue and yellow and cost under a fiver, which must be the best deal at any festival.



These are the features for the brilliant Festival Feet covers;


With our ‘Festival Feet’, rest assured that your feet will stay mud-less while you engage in your dancing, singing and generally being a festival-appreciator (Just like any of those people wearing those old-fashioned, heavy and boring wellies)! What could be better, you say? Well, they come in three colours: The Red Ones, the Yellow Festival Feet and the Blue Festival Feet!


Priced at £4.99


Source [Spinning Hat]