Max Payne Coming To A Smartphone Soon



Slowly over time, Max Payne has built up a massive fan base and it could be getting much larger when finally, the game turns up on Android and iOS powered devices. The timeline is not exactly known, but within the next few months this game will be ready for purchase and the game is supposedly following in the footsteps of the original game, which is great.



According to the games developer Rockstar, this is how the new Max Payne for Smartphone devices will look;


As we’ve stated in the past, we’re working very hard to ensure that we’re being faithful and true to the heritage of Max Payne – and the heart and soul of Max Payne game play has always been as a pure shooter. Apart from some pretty cool melee kills that can be triggered when in close quarters with an enemy (check out the very end of the latest Design and Technology video for an exemplary pistol-whipping), we have no intention of betraying that to introduce driving/racing or brawling elements. Just get ready for some of the most cutting-edge, advanced and insane shooting game play you’ve ever experienced. If you want driving, we do make some other games. This game is all about story driven gun play.


Source [The Tech Journal]