Self Driving Cars Approved In Nevada



Google have been working on a driverless car for some time now, but the reality of these cars hitting the roads has come one step closer with the State of Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles approving the testing of robotic cars on the states roads and as such, they will be producing the first ever robotic car driving license. So how long will it be before the Google Street View cars are driving along mapping the streets with no need for a driver!



According to Bruce Breslow, who is the director of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, he said in a statement;


“Nevada is the first state to embrace what is surely the future of automobiles,”


He finished off by saying;


“These regulations establish requirements companies must meet to test their vehicles on Nevada’s public roadways as well as requirements for residents to legally operate them in the future.”


Source [Technabob]


Written by David Allen

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