Small Dog Shaped Wooden Speaker



Speakers seem to come in all shapes and sizes these days and the smaller the better seems to be the order of the day. These little dog style speakers are made from Apricot wood, measure just 67 mm x 52 mm x 13 mm, weigh a mere 15 grams and are powered by a tiny rechargeable battery. The speaker connects to a laptop or music player via a USB or standard audio connection, once fully charged the device should go for around five hours.



These are the details on the ultra cool wooden doggy speaker;


Made of wood and 100% handicraft products, this Tiny Wooden speaker produces rich sound. Includes a USB connector for charging and a standard jack to connect to audio sources. Destination Seoul is a Pyramid Distribution product collection highlighting lifestyle products from South Korea.


Priced at $40 (£25)


Source [If Its Hip Its Here]