The Worlds Most Romantic Airline!



So, you forgot Valentine’s Day! Your life is in a mess, what do you do, grovel, beg or just buy the love of your life a seat on a flight that they will never forget! This is Flamingo Air, the special Mile High Club flight can be yours for just about $500 (£315), and that includes chocolates, champagne and pilot who has seen it all before! Cheap at half the price if you ask me especially, for someone who has forgotten the most romantic day of the year!



According to Dave McDonald who runs the Love Amelia romantic airline with his wife, he said;


“We are the only company, at least in the U.S., that does this as a business. It puts pizza on the table and gas in the tanks when everyone’s running slow.”


He finished off by saying that;


“We’ve done several weddings in the plane, one was kind of funny because the Justice of the peace was from Kenton county Kentucky so we had to circle Kenton County.”


Source [Inquistr]