Now No One Can Hear You Sing



At first glance, this device appears like something you would expect find in a hospital, but in reality, it has an important role to play as it can save the hearing of the people around you. This is the noiseless karaoke microphone for iOS devices, it may look crazy but it is better than having to hear some people sing out of tune.



These are the details for the iPhone and iPad Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic;


The sound-proof urethane cup fits around your mouth and the whole set connects to your iPhone or iPad by a simple USB cable and Sega’s karaoke app. Just slip the cone around the mic, then connect the mic to your phone and your earphones to the other port. Now your own private concert is ready to begin! The cone and its inner urethane can even be washed easily to maintain hygiene levels and naturally the microphone can function like a normal mic as well.


Priced at $93 (£57)


Source [Oh Gizmo]