Now There Is A Robot Called Romeo



This is Romeo, it is a robotic project from Aldebaran Robotics these are the guys who gave us the NAO robot, but they have advanced so far that they have come with Romeo.



Does this mean that all men are now finished? Well apparently this Romeo, has been designed to help people around the home and it looks like Romeo will be let loose sometime this year!



These are the details for the Romeo robot;


Romeo has to become a real assistant for an elderly person, visually impaired and/or suffering from loss of autonomy. In this perspective, the robot is able to assist a person in his/her day-to-day tasks when he/she is alone. It is also able to go and get objects in another room and put in order those, which are not at their right place, as it could be bothering and even dangerous for a visually impaired person. Romeo can also become a mobility assistant able to help a person to walk or get up from an armchair.


Source [Ubergizmo]