How To Start Upping Your Elvis



Live your life and love your work, sounds like an ideal world doesn’t it? It can all be yours for around £4 as app from iTunes.



Upping Your Elvis is by Chris Barez-Brown, he uses the ideas of the one and only Bono to teach you how to become Elvis at work and in the home, but without actually being Elvis of course.



These are the details on how you can start Upping Your Elvis;


Hit the Elvis button to get a quick State Breaker that will put a smile on your face or set you a little challenge to lift your mood or engage your brain.


See which type of State Breaker works best for you and learn what will work to Up Your Elvis.


Record how Elvis you feel throughout the day using your Shine star


Drag you stars points or simply shake your device so the shape of your star records how Elvis you feel


Map how your energy changes throughout the day


Drag the scroll bar to see how brightly your star shines at different times of the day, identifying patterns to ensure you shine brightly


Priced at £3.99 ($5.99) from iTunes.


Source [Upping Your Elvis]



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