Tweeting And Posting Can Get You Fired



Social Media is way of life for most of us and yet we still need to be careful how and when we decide update our status on Facebook or send the odd amusing tweet about work to friends and followers. Because the use of social media by employees to complain about their jobs or even the companies that they are working for, could be seen as misconduct and therefore could mean the employee losing their job.



According to Paula Whelan, who is an employment partner at Shakespeare’s law firm, she said;


By posting something even vaguely negative about your work on these social media sites, it is breaking the relationship of trust and confidence between the employer and employee and the company reserves the right to sack the employee


This is a real hot topic and although it might be considered as a grey area, currently employers are within their rights to sack a person that complains about their job using social media.


Source [Telegraph]