Official Trailer Launched For Borderlands 2



The original Borderlands game was one of those must play things, everybody knew of it and most of them had played it, why? Because it was totally addictive and later on this year Borderlands 2 will be released, so expect a sick days all over the place that day!



2K Games have now released the official trailer for the game and it does look real cool too.



According to Christoph Hartmann, who is the president of 2K Games, he said on the Borderlands 2 webpage;


“The addictive game play and shooting and looting mayhem of the first Borderlands is back and better than ever in Borderlands 2, taking the franchise to an entirely new level,”


He continued by saying;


“With more guns, more enemies, more missions, an engaging story and all-new characters, Borderlands 2 promises to bring a new era to gaming this fall.”


Source [Techcrunch]