You Will Pay For The Mass Effect 3 DLC



Bioware will be releasing the new Mass Effect 3 DLC with the title From Ashes, but it seems that this download will not be a freebie and in true game developer’s style, we have no idea how much it is going to cost either! What we do know is that the player will need to discover secrets from the past, so it is a bit of history quest too, which is cool!



According to the BioWare producer Michael Gamble, he said;


“We’re happy to confirm that Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC will be available at launch for all platforms. For those of you who have purchased the N7 Collector’s Edition (including the PC Digital Deluxe Edition), you will get this content at no extra charge. We’ll have a lot more details for you later this week,”


He finished off by saying that;


“DLC has fast [certification] and no [manufacturing], so if a team works very hard, they can get a DLC done in time to enjoy it with your 1st play through on day one. On ME3, content creators completed the game in January and moved onto the ‘From Ashes’ DLC, free with the [Collector’s Edition] or you can buy separately,”


Source [Geeky Gadgets]