The HoverBar iPad 2 Stand



Looking for additional screen space, then why not use your iPad 2 with this HoverBar stand! The stand fixes to almost anything solid and provides the user with a great way of placing the iPad 2 by the main computer monitor, where they are able to keep an eye on what is going on elsewhere.



These are the details on the cool and useful HoverBar for the iPad 2;


HoverBar connects iPad 2 to your Mac, creating a dynamic duo. An awesome, Tony Stark – inspired, desktop workstation with a beautiful Apple display and a killer touch screen computer hanging by its side. HoverBar presents more ways to use iPad more often. Collaborate on a project with FaceTime, monitor the weather and interact with your favorite apps. HoverBar rescues iPad from the computer bag.


Priced at $80 (£51)


Source [Technabob]