Motion Control Without Using Kinect Or Sony



The fact is motion control for gaming, computing and entertainment purposes is here to stay, how we to access this cool new technology is different matter. Currently we are looking at the Microsoft Kinect and Sony for the kit. However, it seems that Bellco might be edging a foot into the door with their new ION Air Mouse.



This is a device that uses pressure sensors on the index finger that allow the user to operate the mouse features, it all sounds good, but even Bellco admit that there could be some set issues for the user to overcome before it all works nicely.



This is what Bellco have to say about the Ion Wireless Ergonomic Glove;


Bellco has made available this new ergonomic computer air mouse glove. It will give everyone that is stressing over the desktop mouse a mobile tool to control the computer cursor for work or play anywhere in the room up to 35 feet away.


Priced at $80 (£51)


Source [Geeky Gadgets]