No More Electronic Waste Furniture



Ever wondered what to do with your old gadgets and tech stuff, well it could become part of the new wave of furniture design that goes under the heading of N+ew it stands for No More Electronic Waste and could be an interesting way of reusing old technology.


It is the idea of Chilean based designer Rodrigo Alonso, where he selects old tech junk and encases it in a clear epoxy resin. Once hardened it is strong enough for everyday use and looks brilliant because you can see all of the components inside.



These are the details on the cool designs by Rodrigo Alonso;


N+ew (No More Electronic Waste) Stool-sculpture-installation, produced with electronic waste, epoxic resin and melted aluminium. Produced in limited editions, or special orders. Each is a single, unique piece; non is equal in its filling. Able to personalize. Hand made.


Source [Reality Pod]