Some Free Apps Spy On You



To some people apps are a way of life, we use them all of the time and for most of the time, they are free! So the questions that are on the tip of the tongue are why are the free and how do the developers actually make any money from them?


Well it seems that the answer is quite simple, some of these free apps are able to spy on the user’s sms, calls, location and a lot more too! This may sound like a movie of something, but according to the Privacy International campaign group, it can and does happen!



According to a representative for Facebook, he said that;


‘the request for permission to read text messages was to allow the app to read and write data between itself and the phone’s SMS feature, rather than for the company to trawl individuals’ messages’


He finished off by saying


‘If Facebook ultimately launches any feature that makes use of these permissions, we will ensure that this is accompanied by appropriate guidance.’


Source [Daily Mail]