Could Yelp Really Be Worth $100m



The talk at the moment is of Facebook and how it has grown from dorm room to mega business. However, there are some equally interesting start ups looking to place shares via an IPO, one such firm is Yelp.


Yelp is basically a location service network, it stated off in 2005, it has never shown a profit in fact last year it posted a massive loss of $16.8 million and yet this week Yelp goes to market hoping to raise a staggering $100 million.


The graphic below shows just what Yelp is all about, Statista have put all of the figures together and come up with this definitive guide to Yelp, but despite all of this the question still, is Yelp a good place to put your money for the future or not?



Source [Mashable]



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