Dixons Launch Online Movie Service



The UK’s largest electrical retailer Dixons, will launching its version of a dedicated pay to view movie streaming service tomorrow, it will be going under the name of KnowHow Movies and Dixons retail staff have been promoting it like crazy in store.


What makes this movie service different from others, is that it streams pay to view movies as soon as they are released on DVD, unlike the services provided by Netflix and LoveFilm. Buyers of all internet capable devices from the retailer will find KnowHow Movies pre-loaded.



According to Gary Hearns, who is the senior category manager for content and software at Dixons Retail, he said;


“The ambition is that every staff member that is talking to a customer is potentially also a customer of KnowHow. KnowHow has been all about looking after the product but it has not been about what is installed on the product.”


Source [The Drum]



One comment on “Dixons Launch Online Movie Service

  1. The UK’s largest electrical retailer Dixons is introducing their new movie streaming service and I’m sure UK residences are excited about this! I have DISH’s new Blockbuster@Home package that’s only available to DISH customers and it comes with streaming, disc rentals by mail and 20 premium HD movie channels. A DISH co-worker told me about this deal and I found out that I can stream 3,000 Blockbuster movies to my TV and 4,000 movies to my PC. Blockbuster is the only movie provider that receives new releases 28 days before Netflix and Redbox. I love having the ability to stream new releases anytime and want.

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