Emergency Water Storage In The Bath



In an emergency such as flood or power loss, there are three important things to do, find shelter, food and water! The first two are reasonably easy but finding clean drinking water can be something of an issue especially for anyone who is not experience in survival. However, for just $30 (£19) this is not a problem, simply place the plastic container in the bath and fill with a handy 100 gallons of drinking water. It comes with a handy siphon too, making access to the water easy, which will stay fresh for up to four weeks.



These are the features for the brilliant waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage;


FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM! Every home should have one of these in their emergency kit. The Water Bob from Amazing keys will allow you to store up to 100 gallons of clean, safe water, or other liquids in this unique bladder manufactured from FDA food grade plastic. The Water Bob also includes a siphon pump to allow you to dispense the water as you need it. You will never be without clean water should an emergency like a hurricane or tornado arise. Stay safe and make sure you have a Water Bob on hand.


Priced at $30, it does not seem to be available outside of the USA


Source [Geek Alerts]