The Shirt Folding Gadget



If you are one these people that long for wardrobe or shelves of precisely folded shirts, jumpers and even T Shirts, then this is probably the sort of gadget that you should be looking out for! It makes folding clothing to a high standard easy just like your mum used to do for you!



Here are the details for the handy shirt folding gadget;


This laundry and shirt Flip Folding Board will save you time & make your life easier in many ways. This product is designed to let you fold a shirt in seconds with six simple steps. It keeps the shirts crisp with tight folds and creases without you worrying how it will look when worn. Features ventilated panels that reduce static cling and pull back affect. Your kids will finally stop whining about folding laundry especially the shirts and tee-shirts you and they hate folding. It will make you proud of how organized and professional your shelves and drawers look, and you won’t be embarrassed from yourself, family or from your mother in law (LOL) when they look at your closet.


Priced at $27 (US) and just £8 (UK)


Source [Oh Gizmo]