A New Kind Of Bookmark



Normally when we speak about a bookmark, it would refer to a favourite website that we would like to revisit now and then. However, in the case of the Albatros bookmark, this is actually a real bookmark that marks your page in a real book!



However, this is no ordinary bookmark this is because it actually follows the page that you are on and slots itself into position should the book be closed by accident or if the reader is in a hurry. It looks like this is going to happen, because the project has raised much more than it initially asked for and there are still a couple of weeks to go.


Albatros bookmarks from Oscar Lhermitte on Vimeo.


These are the details on the interesting and different Albatros bookmark;


The Albatros bookmark consists of a thin piece of polyester that is inserted in the book; thanks to its structure and shape, every time you turn a page, the bookmark follows it. Placing the bookmark in a book is done in the blink of an eye. Its repositionable adhesive allows it to last a long time without damaging any pages. Once you have finished reading the book, leave the bookmark in place or simply discard it. It works on any book, pocketbook, sketchbook, diary, of any format. Only books over 700 pages tend to be a bit tricky.


This is currently with the crowd funding site Indie GoGo where backers can pledge from £1 up to $500, but once the Albatros bookmark goes on sale it will cost around $13 (£8).


Source [Oh Gizmo]