Breathe Life Into Your iPhones Battery



Initially this appears to be the breathing apparatus as used by Darth Vader, but in fact, there is more to this device than meets the eye. It is called the AIRE Mask and it will charge up the battery of the iPhone simply by the user breathing through the mask.


It works by the air passing through a series of mini turbines, which produces electricity that can be channelled into the connected iPhone. Currently this is in the concept stage and yet you have to wonder what it would look like if people decided to wear the AIRE Mask to work!



This is the vision of the designer of the AIRE Mask, Joao Paulo Lammoglia;


I’m very interested in Sustainability and all aspects of design, especially ‘’conceptual design’’. In my projects, I always try to see beyond the obvious realities. I’m interested in how design can influence a person’s life, their customs, beliefs and needs.


Source [Technabob]