How About This For Recyclable Furniture



This is the cleverly named Chairigami furniture; it takes flat pack furniture to another level because the flat pack is actually the furniture too! The great thing here is that this is cool looking and when you eventually get fed up with it or maybe the party is over, you simply fold it down and store it away.



These are the details on the Chairigami furniture sets;


Chairigami offers three seating options: a lounge chair for relaxing, a desk chair for working, and a love seat for social lounging.


The seating comes in three sizes;


Love Seat 48″ W x 32″ L x 28″ H $100.00 (£63)


Lounge Chair 20″ W x 30″ H x 40″ D $70.00 (£44)


Desk Chair 18″ W x 26″ D x 35″ H $80.00 (£50)


Source [Cool Material]