Is This The Future Of Shopping?



Imagine this a shopping cart that actually knows what you are looking for and if you happen to pick up the wrong item, then it is going to let you and everyone else around the store know how bad you have been. This is a co-operation between Chaotic Moon and Whole Foods, with the device going on show at the Microsoft campus in Redmond! The shopping cart uses the Kinect sensor and a tablet device for display purposes. Naturally there are some issues, like stopping customers from taking the shopping trolley home with them.



According to Craig Mundie, who is the company’s chief research and strategy officer, he said that;



“the project is literally weeks old, and that was apparent in the demo, which included a couple of false starts where the sensor didn’t precisely the shopper. The technology will need to be ironed out before it’s deployed, lest our shopping trips turn into destruction derbies.”


Source [Geek Wire]