New Trailer For Starhawk Build to Kill



The idea of the game is to build a base, but a well armed and trained enemy have other ideas, this is the basis of the new Starhawk “Build to Kill” game for the PS3. You get to be on your own, in team or mutli player.



This game seems to have it all; there is even a free beta test available on the PSN. However, if you are still not totally convinced then take a quick look at the trailer, it may change your mind!



These are the details on the Starhawk “Build to Kill” game for the PS3;


Experience the intensity of an all-out battle in Starhawk™ as Rifters create a base instantly to defend against an attacking Outcast war band! With the new Build & Battle system, players can deliver offensive and defensive structures on the fly. Join the fight with our Open BETA on the PlayStation® Network today!


The game is released on the 8th May.


Source [Ubergizmo]