The Old Ones Are Always The Best



This is a classic design that uses an old book as a stand and docking station for something ultra hi tech! How cool does this look? The book has a channel cut into it on the front and through the side so that the cable can be fed through to connect the computers USB port or mains power supply. Apparently, the iPod is not included with this and by the looks of it that can only be a good thing!



These are the designer’s note and details for the classic book dock and stand for the Apple iPod;


A true conversation piece. This iPod dock is made from a vintage book and the pages and covers are secured shut. The charge cord comes with this product. Be the talk of all your friends when they come over and see your awesome docking station. Never let your precious iPod Touch, touch the counter again. A must for book enthusiasts, and people who like quirky ways to display things. Guaranteed to get the conversation started!


Priced at $20 (£13)


Source [Etsy]