A Titanic App For The iPad



On the 10th April 1912, a ship set sail from Southampton on route to New York City and as history tells us, the Titanic never made it. Thanks to the History Press, there is an app for the iPad that commemorates the maiden voyage of the ship that they said was unsinkable.



This is what you can expect to find on the Titanic App from The History Press;


Detailed deck plans that can be expanded and explored


Rare archive footage


Colour images of the modern-day wreck


Archive photographs of construction, launch and the interior


Narrated survivor accounts and historical detail


Information on the ship’s crossing, the disaster and the aftermath of the tragedy


Biographies of the ship’s key figures


A sinking timeline and survivor accounts that vividly retell what happened as the ship sank


Unique insights into the build and design of the vessel


‘Did You Know?’ facts such as: There were two bathtubs for all of third class – one for men and one for women!


The Titanic App will launch on the 12th March the price will be announced at the same time.


Source [Mashable]